LFM - Platinum w/ Atlas - BendTh3Knee - 150ish+

Language: Mainly English, but we have several mutli-lingual players from around the world
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Active/Very Active
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Preferred but not mandatory
Dragon Roster Includes: Sapphires minimum
Highest Lineage Dragon:

We are a close group of fun people who have been together for a long time. We spend as much time laughing in TC as we do burning bases with out little flying lizards. Usually PG13 environment with the occasional F Bomb - but generally mature adults with families and careers. As such, we value a life/game balance, and emphasize the FUN aspect of the game. Given our prioritization of real life, we are very organizaed, and we do take progressing and winning seriously. We are sandbagging in P2 right now (I know, I know - but we have no real incentive to move up to Sapphire, so P1/2 is a fun place for us to be where we can balance the game with real life). We have Atlas, are part of an established alliance, and have already have a couple/few castles. We’re organized, and run the team as democratic republic - big decisions are handled/discussed/voted on team-wide, and the lesser stuff is handled by officers. We have a FB group and a Line group - neither are required. Lots of invader swaps, organized RSS transfers from P2P as well as bank management. We don’t have a single toxic personality - we all get along quite well, and everyone is very helpful. Honestly, if it weren’t for these people, I would have quit a long time ago.

We’re looking for 1-4ish people with a minimum of sapphire dragons; obviously the higher the better :wink: . We may be able to make a little more room for the right small group. We like to have FUN!

Looking for a new team ranger0721 lvl 170 currently in ShadowDj1nn

Met a few great people thanks to this thread! We now have a wait list, but please feel free to contact me and we can start the process, so if/when another spot opens up, we can be ready to transition you in :+1:

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