Lfm Platuim 4 RageEternal level 75 requirement

Language: English
Time Zone: Any.
Age Range:18+
Elite Account?: Helpful, but not required.
We are trying to fill our ranks after some inactive players have been removed.
About: RageEternal is an English-speaking adult team based on friendship, fun and competition. We have come a long way and learned a lot. We plan on going as far as we can so long as it is still fun to do so. While some of us can get pretty competitive and we are about having fun, we will never require players to spend real money on the game. We have many experienced players who are happy to help with any aspect of the game, as well as a great wiki with guidelines for members. We also use an outside chat application called line for those wishing to have better communication with the team, although its use is not required.
Our current focus is maintaining an active 50/50 roster that consistently scores 250 flames in wars. War participation is MANDATORY unless prior arrangements have been made with the leadership team. We understand that everyone has stuff come up (illness, vacations, etc.) and can accommodate the occasional war absence, but we ask that you do your best to communicate with the leadership team prior to missing a war.
One day we would like to have atlas but we are in no rush.
Send in an application if this sounds like it might be the right team for you, even if we are full. We occasionally fill spots with temporary alt accounts, so there may be a vacancy even if we show 50/50. Feel free to message me with any questions here, or with an in game mail (IGN: Delgarn). We are looking forward to meeting you

There is no platinum 5. Do you mean plat 4 or gold 1

opps sorry mistyped Platinum 4 than.

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