LFM - Pltm 1 [Atlas Team] - KnightsOfHell - any level considered

Language: English
Time Zone: various
Age Range: Adult
Elite Account?: preferred
Atlas: Yes
Use LINE: Yes

I am an officer in the KnightsOfHell andWe are a group of people who have found each other and become friends as well as team mates. We help each other in game and think of each other as family. Due to people needing time out, for real life reasons or losing interest in the game, we are looking to replace a couple of people. We are organised and ambitious with a drive to reach the top. We celebrate our achievements together and push each other to be the best we can be. If you think you have what it takes to become one of the KnightsOfHell, please message me or another officer in game with any questions or apply to the team.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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Hello are you still looking for members? My main is a level 91 and I’ll be looking for a new team after the current event ends.

Hello… I’m from team Alzheimer’s and we have 10 very active players some 300 up some 143 (like me) were looking to go for a platinum team and leave ours. Unfortunately we only move if it’s the 10 of us. We’ve become a family and would love to be part of a team with ambition and a good sense of team playing.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi. We may still be looking after the event, depending on how the current event goes. If you are still looking, please apply in game.

Hi, 10 members is a lot for an established team to take. Also a huge risk with you all moving together. I will admit the levels sound appealing but accepting 10 people is a big ask. Unfortunately I can’t see 10 people on our team that we could replace. I really hope you find somewhere who can take all 10 of you. Good luck

Hello Targaryan90 are you still looking for a team with your 9 other friends? If so we may have just 10 slots that we can fill. As we got atlas now and some want to move to another team as they do not like atlas that much. My IGN is Momoshiguru we are a good bunch of players that have a strong alliance just formed PM if interested, thank you.

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