LFM - PowerfulPookas - D2

A Pooka is a shapeshifter and can take any form it chooses. Usually, it is seen in the form of a horse, dog, rabbit, goat, goblin, or even an old man. Traditionally a Pooka is seen as a dark, sleek horse with a long wild flowing mane and luminescent golden eyes.

Seeking a few fun loving pookas hungry for higher league. All the usual perks of an D2 team with standard requirements 500+ maxed dragons. Apply at PowerfulPookas for interview.

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Dragons eat horses. Are pookas really that powerful?

A pookas preferred form is a dragon :smirk:
I will occasionally take the form of an old bearded man as you can see :rofl:
So to answer your question yes they are :smiling_imp:

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Pookas don’t seem to ever find themselves in the form of a Nido. Seems I don’t meet requirements then :joy:

Or a fish :cry:

How can it take the form of a horse but not a seahorse? Sorry fishy :pensive: I can kind of understand in my case it not being a purple, poisonous Rhino-like thing…


Or the monopoly man :cry: