LFM - Raglanfortress - P2 - Recruiting

LFM - Raglanfortress - P2 - Recruiting

We are a plat II team in a rebuilding phase and have a few spots open.

Applicants should be active and want to strive to do the best they can and help team grow!
8/8 and 5/5 is recommended and atlas paricipation.

Participate in wars
Build and maintain troops
Do your daily events and contribute to team bonus so we can continue to get 8/8 and 9/10

Atlas access
Helpful and active team members
Friendly atmosphere (100% drama free!)
Real life breaks when needed (give us a heads up)

Apply today!!

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Bump for the new season! Apply even if full!
We will take players of any level that are committed to being active and growing.
We have we plenty of players that can show you the ropes in Atlas if needed.

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