LFM Rebuilding from Gold Tier 2

LFM – Bronze IIUrdrachenLevel Requirement 40

Language: English fluent
Time Zone: Eastern Standard
Played time: Any
Age Range: Preferred 18+
Elite Account?: Preferred, but not required.

About: We were a gold II tier team, that was inherited from another leader. Our perspectives had shifted from the mindset of the old leader, which was far more laid back than that what we would have preferred. We wanted to change the name, and was unable to, thus pushing us to start a new team. Here at Urdrachen, our main goal is to hit Platinum tier and need you to do so! Our leadership team has grown to 70+ in level in just two seasons. We’re very dedicated players that would like to have the same dedication from our fellow flyers. Come fly with us, and grow with us! We’re very supportive of our team, and aim for everyone to grow, so that we grow as one!

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