LFM - Recruiting Vikings! [P3] [Atlas]


I’m Marsh and I actually need to reopen this thread over here that has all the details of what I’d put in a recruiting post:

So click the above link and check it out :slight_smile:

As a bonus, one of our officers turned out to be a youtuber and can tell you about how we did last TR:

A bunch of us are actually already saving for the next season since we either got our mythics already (myself included, even though I am F2P) or have decided to prep for next season.


Bump! VikingsDK is recruiting!

Please message UnicornWranglr or Andrew131313 if you are interested in joining the team.
Vi er oprindeligt et dansk hold, men send venligst e-mails på dansk til carlsberg120. Alle de andre officerer er engelsktalende

Preparing for next season, huh, wish your phone got the same message

Oh it got the message and figured, “yeah, she’s gonna need a break and I need to RETIRE”

And here we are

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