LFM - S2/3 - ZenWarriors - 300+

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Age Range: 21+
Elite Account?: Helpful, but not required
Level: 300+

ZenWarriors is an English-speaking adult team based on friendship, fun and competition. We want to go as high as we can in the game, so long as it is still fun to do so. While some of us can get pretty competitive and do whatever it takes to top the charts, we will never require players to spend real money on the game. We have many experienced players who are happy to help with any aspect of the game, as well as a robust wiki and a manifesto outlining our team philosophy and guidelines for members. We also use an outside chat application called Slack for those wishing to have better communication with the team, although its use is not required.

We are looking for active new members with Atlas experience. You don’t have to be an expert, but at the very least you should at be able to navigate the map, move your primarch between castles, and know how to score points in atlas events.

Our requirements:

  • 100K troops in reserve at all times (you will have time to build up your troops if necessary)
  • At least 200k enemy troops killed each month
  • At least 1/2 the points required for final team prize in PVP events (I.e. if the final team prize requires 82k points, the minimum for that event would be 41k points scored).
  • All war attacks completed

Of course everyone goes on vacation, has family commitments, gets sick, etc., but communication with the leadership team is key. Passes are given on event scores if an officer is notified of the miss prior to the end of the event. We do ask that you arrange to temporarily leave the team if you know you will be missing war attacks though.

Contact Smashley7 if this sounds like it might be the team for you! PM here on the forum, send in-game mail, or contact on LINE (same name) if you would like to apply to the team. Applications sent in without some sort of contact will be ignored.

We will have 2 spots available after event

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We will have at least 1 spot open after PVP. The team is wanting to move back up to S2 and have more wars, so we are looking for active players that are AT LEAST lvl 300. Unfortunately, most players under that level have had a hard time participating effectively on the team during wars and PVP events while we are in S2. Anyone interested should send me a PM here, in game or on Line (same name everywhere). Applications without an accompanying message will be ignored.


Looks like there will only be one opening at the end of event. Main post edited: we no longer have a point minimum for atlas events and will gauge activity based on troops killed per month. Also lowered the minimum reserve troops down to 100K. So, if you are lvl 300+, active in atlas, and like wars, send me some sort of message so we can arrange your application!

I will record my battle chant for you as soon as possible

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:open_mouth: Ooooh, slack. People of culture.