LFM—S2– ColdBrewCrew Looking for Obsidian ++ with defendable base

We are looking for team players who are:

  • Very Active status
  • interested in Atlas and very active in terms of trooping, crafting, the works and has a decent troop count
  • competitive in PvPs - & don’t mind completing daily quests & hitting event tiers for team prizes - most importantly, someone who knows that being a good team player means coming on at designated times to do your hits as a team
  • willing to do their part in wars , in terms of attacking & defending

We like players who bring something to the table , and are:

  • friendly / helpful / communicative, chatty - we LOVE team players
  • low-drama / attitude-free - please no drama queens
  • has a sensible head
  • ideally with obsidian dragons or higher
  • decent bases appropriate for your level but willing to consider lower tiers for other qualities & a right fit

Why we like ourselves:

  • cool team name :sunglasses:
  • very active team players, everyone helps everyone in the team :slightly_smiling_face:
  • pretty organised & strategic and we work well as a team
  • we do well in all events , even in Atlas & we get underestimated a lot in wars
  • we are probably the only low sapphire team that has ranked top 5 in past atlas events
  • we have castles of all shard types and with a good alliance

We usually hit 1.2k sigils team prize + minimum lvl 9 chests for minor events as well as for most PvP events.

We don’t care if you are P2P or E2P or F2P, although obviously regular elite would make your life easier. We have many E2Ps in the team. As long as you do your part and meet the requirements above, we will welcome you. :grin: We are a hardworking team, so be prepared to do your part.

And, for the love of beer - please do not cite love of beer as a reason for wanting to join the team… if i had a penny every time…

Please mail @SlayerSime if interested. We don’t accept blind random applications & we like to ask a bunch of questions. ::slightly_smiling_face:


:flushed: Do you mind to share it?

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unless it is LFM.

Sounds like ColdBrewCrew to me.


It is in fact ColdBrewCrew :joy:

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:laughing: lol

i got the message

awesome team can I be interviewed :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean I’m not actually on the team, but sure I’ll interview you :crazy_face:

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should I pm u lol

I guess I don’t qualify. :slight_smile:


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