LFM - S2 - Lv320+

LFM – S2 – DragonCorps – LV320+


Language: English
Time Zone: All time zones
Played time: very active
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Preferred (also Atlas)
Dragon Roster Includes: Good divines and Mythics
Player level: LV320-450. Breeding Harbringer, working to Vanguard (or higher !)


We are a friendly team with high goals combined with fun. We have minimum such as getting 8/8 achievement in every event and do all team quests. All atlas events we also have very doable minimums.

We expect you to be very active, not only in events but also in Atlas, defending our 19 castles and ofcourse join the offensive runs, or snipe the bookmarked castles.

Never miss a war (duh) and have LINE app for communication.

In return you can enjoy a great leadership, 1850 eggtokens a day, the final team reward and quest reward in every event. Lots of atlas fun. S2 needs minimums to stay a decent steady team in that league. We try to combine that with a lot of fun on LINE and in game chat.

If this suits you, pm me (JelleDJ) in game or the recruitment officer (BigPhil)

Or add me in LINE >> djjelle85 and let’s chat :slight_smile:

2 spots left

im not 320-450 so kinda cant

we always make exceptions for the right people and yeh 450 is not a cap, higher is allowed lol! :D, feel free to contact me in LINE >> ID: djjelle85

im not really friendly lol

ah ok, GL than :smiley:

At least you are honest. I hate fake friendly gesture.