LFM – S2 – NightsAngels – 300+

Language: Any, but English must be at least somewhat fluent
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Very active
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Preferred, not mandated
Dragon Roster Includes: Dragons appropriate for level
Highest Lineage Dragon: See above

NightsAngels is seeking more good players to add to the team. We expect 8/8 on events and 10/10 on team quests. This means all players are expected to perform at this level. If you grumbled reading that, we aren’t the team for you.

We’re well established in Atlas, have castles of all elements, active/helpful members, aim to be competitive. Win or lose.

People who are…

  • Competitive in events – aims to achieve points equivalent to at least final team achievement
  • Active and interested in Atlas – responsive to assist requests, very active in troop building, gear crafting/leveling, etc.
  • In Harbinger tier or higher (ideally, but we’re open to lower, for the right fit)
  • Helpful, friendly, and communicative (in-game and Line)
  • Social with a good sense of humor
  • Respectful – no trash talking in LC/to teammates or farming others


  • Slackers
  • Complainers
  • Thin-skins
  • Negative Nancys
  • Lone-wolves
  • People with shitty bases
  • People who aren’t team players

If you’re interested in joining our crew (or learning more), message me here or in-game and let’s chat!


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