LFM - S2/S1 - FrigginRiggin - lvl 300+

Language: English
Time Zone: All time zones
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Elite and Atlas elite preferred
Dragon Roster Includes: Obsidian dragons minimum
Highest Lineage Dragon: Noctua or better.

FrigginRiggin is a positive minded adult team where we like to hang out together, have some banter in tc and help each other out in the game. We are seasoned players, a nice international mix with members in all major timezones. Lot of our members have played together in other teams before and found a good hide-out at FrigginRiggin with the right game-real life balance, yet still active.

The expectations are:
8/8 teamprize in breeding and fortification
7/8 teamprize in pvp’s
180 points in teamquests
50k points in troop building
no zeroes in other Atlas events
(if you for any reason cannot make these on occasion you can let leadership know and you will be excused)

In Atlas we are rebuilding our castle count, currently we have only 4 castles. We do have a strong alliance/5ta and are expanding in Atlas. If you are looking for an instant high shard pay-out, we are not the team for you. If you like to help us build up, please apply.

At the moment we are in S2, working our way up to S1/D2.

The stats:
650 eggtokens S2
544 eggtokens Atlas or 129 troops
258% dark shards
258% ice shards
258% wind shards
207% fire shards
Wood, food and gold are shared among all members, we have members with bank access in all timezones and a rss-chat for your requests.

In case of holidays without wifi or time to play we offer to fill your spot with an alt for the time being.

Please contact me in game or through line app if you are interested in joining.
Line ID: buccaneerkat


No love for fire… :sob:

More than enough love, just a smaller castle. :wink:

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