LFM - S2 -ServesYouRight - 435+

Language: English
Time Zone: Any. We have players from all over
Played time: Not Important
Age Range: Over 18
Elite Account?: Preferred but not required

We are a fun and social team with reasonable minimums looking for active members preferably flying/breeding eldritch or higher (lower tiers considered).

War participation is mandatory (which team doesn’t have this requirement?), and we hit the last team prize in events and as such expect new members to as well.

If you are looking to join our family message one of our officers in game or find me in line and we can start the conversation.

Edit: corrected the typo in tier name pointed out below

I’ve never heard of eldrytch before is it any good?

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it’s the uglier sibling of eldritch.

(Not entirely sure why the autocorrect on my phone liked the incorrect spelling so much)

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Looking for a member again this week

How many 435’s applied who were breeding eldritch? :slight_smile:

There is a reason it says preferred.

Thanks for the post bump though

You bet. Anything to help out a fellow player. You clan name makes me think of the Valco slogan in Trollied every time …

Yes we’re looking for a member again.

Yes it’s Eldritch and not eldrytch that we’d prefer you to be flying.

And no we don’t expect 435s to be breeding eldritch, but would hope that they are breeding abyssal.

Drop me a PM here if interested or look me up in line, or even in game.

Btw I had to look this up, had no idea what it was

When aren’t you? Days that do not end in y?

For a period of about 4 months, didn’t look once.

I guess the the last message from me should have said “still” and not “again”.