LFM - S2 - VendexEmpire (2 spots after event) 250+ preferred


Language: English is our main to communicate, although we have many people speaking several languages and is a multi-cultural team
Time Zone: Any, all time zones are covered, you won’t be alone :relaxed:

We are a group of dedicated people, believe that teamwork makes the dreamwork; we are working as one and everybody put in their weight, no matter lvl 400 or 120. And this is the reason why we are placed #1 in most of the core game events (82% or so).
Very active in Atlas, also have very good gold/shard/XP bonuses, all elements covered.
Have 1450 tokens daily just for logging in.
Normally get to 1200 sigils team reward in events.
No problem with getting gold and other RSS.
Have LINE group for better communication.
Communicative, fun, helpful teammates to rely on.

What we seek: reliable person, very active, serious but having fun, team player with good attitude (no drama in our team), participate in all events, wars (know how to wave or we’ll teach you), good flying performer, engaging in Atlas activities organised by leadership, respectful towards Atlas Alliance.

Level 200-250+ preferred, although can be negotiable, depending on how good you fly with what you have :slight_smile: We have several mid-low-levels that perform greatly. You are 300? 400? Sure this is also encouraged.
Reasoning behind this is, most of opponents in PvP in S2 are 250-450, which makes it tough.

Please comment here if you want me to contact and guide you further, OR mail directly to our leader HarvxT in-game saying you’re from me and have a chat with him :wink:

Sincerely, your officer A.


We do not bite :eyes: … much

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