LFM - S3 (Atlas) - ColdBrewCrew looking for active teamplayers (garnet+ & above)

Hi there,

It has been awhile since my last recruitment post and we have progressed :slight_smile: I have updated this post with our current standing & we are excited to enter the new season!! :smiley:

Why we are recruiting…

Real life happens and with Atlas being an extra commitment plus all recent PG glitches/issues, some of our long time players have decided to throw in the towel.
We have a great core team and we are looking to grow stronger by adding strong, quality team players. Team & player compatibility is what is important to us - a good fit to our current team dynamics and structure. We don’t mind holding out for a few good awesome individuals! :smiley:
If this interests you, please read on.


  • A stable & low-drama team - we are a happy family & many of us have been playing together for almost a year or more
  • International team covering all major timezones
  • Generous with knowledge, RSS, gold, xp runs… even inner fires - everyone helps everyone regardless of levels (we mean it) & we promote reciprocation
  • Willing to invest in players who put in time & effort - proud to say a good handful of our lvl 100+s are homegrown with dragons stronger than their level
  • Small but strategic - we are relatively smaller than our Sapphire peers & get underestimated frequently but we hold our own through good ol’ teamwork…
  • Atlas team with castles and an alliance
  • Lastly, we are a very active team with good, friendly people & we regularly hit 250 flames


  • We are not looking to move up to Sapphire until we get stronger - Plat is our current sweet spot to let our little ones grow & we have had to lose wars to stay here … but we do get lucky in wars & events
  • We are not a daily warring team - not looking to move up and we like our weekends :slight_smile: but we do get declared on a lot!
  • We usually do surprisingly well for PvPs despite our size, often placing top #10
  • We don’t talk smack or dirty - if that is your kind of thing, we unfortunately can’t cater to it


  • First & foremost, an active/highly active lvl 200+ TEAM PLAYER (decent base & at least in Garnet tier) who is 18+ & looking for a good home
  • Someone who is willing to do wars in waves (we can coach, don’t worry) & put in the time to actively defend
  • Someone who takes pride in helping team mates & the team place well in events & Atlas
  • Someone who is social in chat and communicates & gets along with other players in the team
  • Someone who likes to be part of a team that learns and grow together
  • No nationality preference (we love all!) but a good understanding of English is better for your enjoyment :slight_smile:
  • No arrogance or drama please… we are not shrinks - and no, we don’t offer officer positions to new team mates :slight_smile:
  • In a nutshell, someone who brings something to the table & is willing to put in the effort required for Sapphire league

I know this has been long, so thanks for reading :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
We like to be upfront as to what kind of a team we are so that we can ensure both player & team longevity!
If you are interested, I would love to chat further in-game… please drop me (Tingg) or my officer (SlayerSime) a mail :kissing_heart:

Thank you!


My main account is on this team and it is an awesome team. I’ve been there for about 2 months.

Hope to find some new family to join us!

Been with ColdBrewCrew for a month now and can honestly say I love it here. Super friendly and active team that places well in events and is happy to help with all aspects of the game. This will be my home for a very long time :beers:


I’m in here too! Great post! It’s an amazing team…wars are certainly fun but there are a lot :joy:

Uhhhh you guys do realise that you saying that YOUR team is awesome doesn’t help recruit that much? People will think you’re just bumping this thread.

People who are/have been in a team are the only ones who know how awesome it is. Don’t see the harm in them commenting. Your response also bumped it and so did this reply :clap:


We just ended the event at #1… and we still have space to take in a couple :wink:

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We still have a couple of places :heart:

We got this ting :joy:

These players are amazing. I learned from Tingg and G is a beast. Love them all.


From my experience seeing these guys within my league from time to time… that they stand out and are bunch of great players to deal with. For anyone considering joining this guild… I highly recommend them and confident that you will not be disappointed.

Great post and great work in the last event! :+1:t3:


Hi all!

Seems I can never hang up the hat :tophat: when it comes to recruiting :weary:

We just cycled out two members who weren’t pulling their weight and another two of my lovely members need to step down due to family commitments.

Therefore, we have 4 openings - 2 of which will be available after feeding!
Pls get in touch in you are looking for a team that is friendly, helpful, organised and fights hard in events,

This team was as remarkable as they come. Committed to becoming the best and overcoming all odds. It’s sad we have to leave but in my time spent here this became a second family. If you want a team committed to being there for one another through rss xp runs event help and massive war tactics this is the place to be! Be sure not to miss an opportunity where you can become not only a part of a family but learn to better yourself as a dragon warrior!

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This team is the reason why I dnt ask help anymore from the forums. The team is so knowledgable it’s like we have our own forum there lol. Always updated and hell yeah we’re active :100:


We were (un)fortunate enough to war these guys a couple days ago. Boy were we taught a lesson. Great teamwork, round the clock defence (someone was always on! Annoyed the hell out of me seeing I’m the night shift for my team lol), hard as hell bases and seemed like pretty cool peeps in LC. Great place to join I would highly recommend!


We had a few no-shows that were kicked

I appreciate your nice comments :slightly_smiling_face:

Just noticed that it says that we are not moving to plat 1 or saph 3…however currently we are very close to saph 3 because we want to steal atlas access then go back down…
Just an update if anyone needs it :slight_smile:

Lol stealing is bad