LFM S3/Atlas - Garnet+

ReignofAshes - Sapphier 3

Highest Lineage Dragon: Garnet+
Language: English

Description and Requirements

We are a stable and active sapphire 3 team looking to replace a few players who are retiring or stepping down due to real life issues

Minimum atlas participation is require, we are currently rank 200 in atlas with 2 castles almost fully upgraded and fairly well protected, even though we had the chance to expand, as of right now we feel is in our best interest to stay small.

Events is where we frequently excel at, often finishing in the top 6 and almost never below 10th. There are minimum requirements but as of right now they are fairly low and only a minimum activity is required (This minimums could go up in time).

Last kingodm Wars Final Result
Current Breeding Event

Wars is obviously a must, we do struggle a bit as we currently have a single player in harbinger but a few others are getting close. We often manage to defeat teams with a much higher level roster than us.

If our team sounds interesting to you and you are currently garnet or higher than please send me a mail ingame or here and lets have chat. Thanks


P.S If you are under garnet but can set up a defended 300+ base for our high levels to follow than we will make an exception.

We have one more spot to fill.

Looking for Team for my Main Device (Applying)
LVL – 187 `

Language: english
Time Zone: California
Played time: almost 3 years
Elite Account Rubys for Elite. Yearly membership renewals
Dragon Roster Includes: LEOS capped with Obsidian stone, Borgian, Hunters !!
Highest Lineage Dragon: 2 Dragons from Hauset. 3 Dragons from Garnet ( I believe)

500k+ medals a week.
90M ATK boosted
20M defense boosted short base.

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