LFM - S3 - Dragonminds

Language: English
Time Zone: Worldwide
Age Range: Adults
Elite Account(s)?: Preferred, but not requirred
Highest Lineage Dragon: minimum Vanguard


Dragonminds are recruiting. We are an active drama free and international team, currently situated solidly in Sapphire 3. We have atlas and plenty of castles in each element - thus great bonuses and plenty of glory opportunities. We currently get 2016 daily egg tokens (atlas + league)

We claim the 8th team achievement and 10th quest chest, and it should be self-explanatory that we are looking for members who can keep up with these requirements as well.

Does this fit on you?

  • Breeding Vanguard, but preferred Empyrean or higher (willing to compromise for the right player)
  • Have a defendable base for your level
  • Hitting 8th team achievement in all events (PvP, Breed, Fort)
  • Doing all daily quests (no exceptions)
  • Very active in atlas or want to become active in atlas (we like to kill, raid and conquer)

If you are looking for a team after fortification event, then we again happen to have an open spot :slight_smile:


Glad to see y’all doing so well. :partying_face:

Thank you very much :slight_smile: We certainly can’t complain.

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The opportunity is there again, as we will be looking for two new members after the breeding event :slight_smile:

Updated post… Looking for 1 new member after the event :slight_smile: Hit me up here or in game if you are interested.

Interested! :blush:

PM’ed you :slight_smile:

The opportunity to join our passionate team has again become available. We are looking for 1-2 members after the breeding event!

Sounds good to me yall accept me now ? And will yall hit last team prize this fort ?

We always hit last team prize :wink:

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Sending a request to join now.

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Your opportunity has reopened, and we are looking to replace 1-2 members after the PvP event :blush:

Hi Ik this is probably gonna be a no, but I’m looking for a new team since my current is having a lot of drama issues currently. I’m a lvl 63 with what I’d consider a pretty decent filled dragon roster for my level of you want to know more I made a post a few minutes ago about it all

Hello :slight_smile:

Yes, your level does unfortunately speak against you, as you would be the weakest link on the team. That said, I do have many contacts and maybe one of them would be happy to offer you a home.

That would be awesome if you have any recommendations, though currently I think I’m about to get in a team

We are currently having 1 position open for the right player - and it is possible to join before Temple Raid :slight_smile: PM me here or in game with your application.