LFM- S3- join Feedus- recruiting awesomness

Hey Dragon fam!

S2-S3 team here… our name is… FeedUs.
Looking for a few players to add to our roster. We have a solid team with much to offer. Are you current with Atlas, or players willing to play and learn Atlas? Well…

Please apply if you are:

  • Daily player (of course life…but dragons)
    -Minimum level 100
    -Minimum medal count 20 mil.
    -Extreme dedication, crude humor
    -LINE app for war coordination
  • @group notifications turned on
  • Atlas or willing to learn atlas

If you want to have FUN and fly join FeedUs.

We place very high in majority of events, team achievements and a solid team. We have a very comprehensive guide available to help get you started in Atlas if you haven’t played it but wish too.

LINE me at lemmesmash_ or mail me in game for info. Please send your application to sapphire 3 team Feedus.:blush:

Language: English
Time Zone: any
Played time: daily
Age Range: 18+ mature audiences preferred

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