LFM - S3 - LaViaDraconis

Language: English
Timezone: Worldwide
Age Range: Adult 21+
Elite Account: Preferred, but not required
Highest Lineage Dragon: Harbinger

LaViaDraconis – The way of the dragon – The way of heart, courage and power

LaViaDraconis are a fun and strange bunch who likes to mess around with each other. You can expect a good amount of jokes and sarcasm in team chat, from people who genuinely care about each other and have a great time flying together.

We’re a well established atlas teams in S3, but we are always looking to improve and grow stronger as a team. We’re looking for active and strong player who wants to join our family, solo-players who only care about themself and never interacts with members are not welcome here.

Team requirements:
• Active status minimum
• Basic english language
• 8th team achievement and 10th quest chest
• 100k troops in barracks, and hit the 50k point mark in atlas events

Why LaViaDraconis?
We always hit the final team prizes i events, and score amongst the top in the league. We have 12 castles in atlas of all elements and a great alliance. We do multiple guard swaps every PVP, and the team is full of awesome people you cant find any where else :wink:

If this sounds like the right team for you, send an application to any officer with your game stats, a little bit about yourself, and your favorite ice cream flavor. The latter is especially important to include (Mint-chip lovers will most likely be denied, just fyi).

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