LFM S3/S2 DragonHelpers1 are recruiting


Language: English
Time Zone: multitude of time zones we don’t care
Played time: Got to be an atlas maniac know how to fly those pesky digital dragons in short don’t be a noob
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: not required but recomend
Dragon Roster Includes: show me what you got
Highest Lineage Dragon: Vans on verge of emp and up
Little bit of info lol
DH1 are a long established S3/S2 team we always get 8/8 and lv10
Have castles of all elements
Atlas raids lots of atlas raids no apologies I’m addicted lol
1072 tokens per day from atlas
Diamond experienced leadership
Strong 5ta
All we expect is
100k troops in reserves
Atlas active (we have a focus in atlas)
Main game active maintaining a minimum active status
Never missed a war etc
Contact me if your interests in becoming a member of DH1


Is there a level requirement?

what level are ya>

107 after 3 years I’m finally level 100

you might struggle in sap2 all honestly but that is up to kerrion if it dont work i can get you into a nice league where u can grow

Thanks I am experiencing a problem where I cannot attack is anyone else going through this

where event? or general?

In general my attacks will stay in the traveling screen and get stuck there

@PGGalileo can assist if you made a ticket!

I did make a ticket but if no one else has this problem it may just be my phone

Alright the problem has been resolved I can now play normally

Thread still open?

Yes it is

Currently still looking for at least one player to join our ranks

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