LFM S3 TsunzuArtofWar

All spots are full 7/3

TsunZuArtOfWar (S3) is looking for a few new teammates to replace alts. We enjoy those who engage in alternative states of sobriety and naughty banter!

The team requirements:

  1. Minimum level 200
  2. Know and enjoy Atlas
  3. All the other usual requirements as expected at this level of play.

Basic team information

  1. We typically achieve the 1200 sigils (8/8 team achievement) in 9/12 events (in a season)
  2. We coordinate and participate in glory / bubble parties
  3. Typically achieve 9 or 10 on team chest quest
  4. RSS distribution is only to others in team and not to self. This is a team rule for everyone onboard.
  5. Troop building is a core aspect as this is an atlas driven team

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