LFM - saph 2 -- ValiantLegends - atlas - 250+ preferred

Our level requirement is not set in stone if your a very active player/chatter we will make exceptions as level isn’t everything in this game. just mail me and we can discuss it

Time Zone:Any
Played time:n/a
Age Range:18+ prefered
Elite Account?:n/a
Dragon Roster Includes:garnet dragons as a minimum
Highest Lineage Dragon:


We at valiant legends are currently seeking a few new players, we currently have atlas and 2 castles outside the safezone - we are surrounded by allies and are on good terms with everyone in our area.

As you can see from our group we have a good level base and good dragons for our levels throughout the guild and we require a few more team players to join our ranks.

we are now seeking war performers and active players interested in atlas, people that will work as part of a team in our war effort be it defending or seeking and giving backup for runs

We are a laid back group and have a solid core of players really a big family. We believe in the casual fun approach with our only rule being hitting your war attacks every time and coordinating with team mates to do so.

We have players in every time zone and backups for exp runs are always available.

Our leadership is transparent and we give everyone a chance to put ideas forward, we like to keep it all drama free and as fun as possible for everyone

if this would interest you, Please apply I have review on or send a mail in-game if you have questions, Look forward to hearing from you

Kind regards

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Hi. Ate you still looking? Id like to join

I got 2 legendary Garnet, now just lvl 207 lol :speak_no_evil:
I’ve plan in 3 next breeding event to got mythic garnet :see_no_evil:

We are still looking

Just contact me in game I don’t always monitor the forums

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