LFM - SAPH 2 - VendexEmpire - LVL 250+ - 1st Place 24/29 events


1st place in past 24/29 events
Top 50 in atlas global
Top 100 in WD events global
Receive 800+ tokens from atlas infra
We have line accounts
Fun internal events and prizes
Bonus XP, gold, and timers from atlas infra
Normally get final event team prize - 1200 sigils
Gold/RSS not a problem

What we seek:

Level 200+

  • For any level 350+ players we have bonus gifts
    Very active
    Participates in all wars, events, and atlas
    excellent good event performers
    team players and good attitude
    Low levels we appreciate applicants, but there are very few low levels in Sapphire which makes it tough for PVPs.

If interested please email Dragonblood in game email


Hi I am a lvl 268 and I am very active in wars and events.I’ll change team at the end of this event. Are you still looking for players? :blush:


Yes please send me a message on game name to dragonblood.

Thank you for your interest.





Top 50 in Atlas globally and ragging on P2 teams for glory :roll_eyes:

Who came out on top with the troop loss ratios and glory: Not Vendex.

Won’t deny that they’re a great team for the price.

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Never saw attacking P myself :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
But that’s kinda the same as when D teams attack our S2-3 teams castles. not in the top as well…and that’s offtopic


I’ll think about it :stuck_out_tongue:

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