LFM - Saph 3 MaliciousNtent needs actives!

Sapphire 3MaliciousNtent '–250+`


About:Language: English
Time Zone:any
Played time:must be active
Age Range: 18+ adult team
Elite Account?:perfered
Dragon Roster Includes: dont matter as long as u can fly
Highest Lineage Dragon:emerald+

About: We love to have fun and we are a relaxed team. Line chat is a must!

Need to be able to get to the glyph at least on events!

Need to be well versed in Atlas! - 100k troop minimum

Message me in game or here please - ign is o0Merlin0o

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Bump it up!

Still looking for quality players. Message me!

New week, new bump!

Still recruiting active players!

Message me here or in-game for an immediate response!

How much egg token tribute payout from atlas

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All of them. :joy:


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