LFM - Saph 3 (Non-Atlas) - TheEternalOnes - Seeking Active 150+ members

TheEternalones are seeking very active level 150’s and above.
Knowledge of English is necessary.
We’re a helpful group of friends who chat and love the game play
**Participation in wars and events is required. We’re looking for team mates who like to stay and defend. **
All applications will be reviewed. If you have any questions please email any of the officers.
Please remember that changing teams mid event will cause prize loss.

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Hello, I’m looking for a new team in sapphire. After a year in my previous team I was ditched. Simply for being too busy at work. I’m a hard hitter, hard worker when I’m not busy at work. Look for Upismeov in the game.

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I sent you an email :+1::wink:

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