Lfm - saph i - vendexempire - lvl 300+ TIred of Carrying Your Team?

VENDEXEMPIRE Seeks a very active player in ATLAS. We are aggressive and place well in all events. RSS is normally not a problem and we have internal prizes and competitions. We have line accounts to increase game awareness and share tips.

For any player tired of doing all the work and having too many players who do not do their part. This team is perfect for you as we set and uphold goals. Allowing players to enjoy game without worrying whether they will meet team goals or having the team suffer on the account of a few low performers.

Please contact Dragonblood in game for anyone interested. We also have other requirements we can go over.

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When you say top 50 in atlas, do you mean atlas event ?

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I just got kick from team because i hit in atlas, why wouldnt you hit your nearest enemy, aligane is boring

Because that’s a good way to get retaliation? Hitting your neighbours is really dumb. :joy:


We place top 50 globally in Atlas. We are stacked against high rank teams.

:thinking: you know this kind of thing is pretty easy to check…


Yes, that’s not the team rank no way :sweat_smile:

You should change your name into chicken or some other reference, little cat maybe.

because you’re mad you couldn’t follow rules and got kicked? :thinking:


I will once you change yours to “castleless”. :kissing_heart: Good luck finding a team that wants a war with their neighbors.


Rules are straight on tos, i am following it. Some player make their own, too many politics on real life, dont set one at your game also

Thanks hun

We have opening for two players. Currently 2nd place PVP and continuing team SIGIL prize streak 1 year running.