LFM SAPH II - VENDEXEMPIRE TOP 5 team in events - LVL 200+ top 50 for atlas global performance

VENDEXEMPIRE seeks an active Atlas player. We have many lands that offer many benefits including 850+ (from Atlas alone) daily tokens, increased GP, and because we do well in Atlas events we get more treasures to help level gear, essential for stronger bases and dragons.

We also do extremely well in WD events. Normally place top 5 in all events. Most of our members are very active, with some active. We gift a lot of RSS during most events and have high storage capacity for RSS.

We seek very active players who can help defend our lands. Someone who will compliment our team activity by participating in all wars and events. We have little tolerance for low performers, its just not fair to the team. Please send me a message or any officer in WD. TY and hope to fly with you soon.

Dragonblood (game name)

message before event ends


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