LFM - Saphire 1 - VendexEmpire - LVL 400+ - Final Sigil Team Prize 1 YR+

VendexEmpire is seeking a Very Active player who enjoys Atlas. What you can expect from us is an aggressive and successful team. No need to worry about slackers on this team. Let leadership do the worrying and replace members who do not carry their own weight. Have fun and enjoy the game like its intended. We are an international team and are on all hours. Because we are so active we host many castle guard GP swaps, which will allow you to strengthen your dragons and base at a faster rate.

Anyone interested contact Dragonblood in game.


Wait What the empire are recruiting OMFG


Take Me to your leader

you guys used to be D1 WTFH

Sign me up!

They weren’t D1 but ok :joy:
S3-S1 most of their existence, P1 when I first came there. Good job on getting to D2 tho


You guys are funny. Love to see the humor as you can tell.

Mostly S1 and recently been bouncing between S2 and D2. Not by choice, we just do well in events.

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My mullet needs work.

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We also make level exceptions for especially active and high performers.

Many CG swaps :heart_eyes:

Did some one says many CG ? wuuuuuu… hey wait they are my 5TA … wuuuuuuuuu :heart::two_hearts::sparkling_heart::heart:

Are you still looking?

Hi Lauren,

Thank you for your interest. Yes we are still recruiting. Never stop improving. Why are you looking for change? You seem very active in Atlas. BTW I looked your info up. Do you normally get atlas elite and any issues with meeting team final sigil prize?

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It would be a struggle to become demoted, though, I must say. Been an officer since the near beginning of my time in the game. What alliance are y’all in?

We are SIne Nomine and have a strong 5TA who float between S2 and D2. If you are interested we may consider an officer position for you, but only after evaluation and contributions to the team. I agree about sharing the workload. Which is why we are always recruiting. We drop low performers who do not meet team requirements and believe if everyone does their share then the pressure does not fall on a single player.