LFM - Sapphire 1/2 - Skygodz - 300 but 350 + with preference

Language: English , Goofball, Pirate, and Sarcasm
Time Zone: Any
Played time: 2yr+
Age Range: Mature adult
Elite Account: Yes but not required
Dragon Roster Includes: Any Obsidian and higher
Highest Lineage Dragon: Obsidian and higher
Atlas: Yes
Atlas Elite: Highly Suggested but not required
Line Chat: Required
1 Additional website access: Required

Skygodz be lookin’ t’ replace some players who will be retirin’. We be a crew o’ ambitious players, playin’ fer th’ love o’ th’ game ‘n o’ our fellow Godz. We play t’ rule nah jus’ t’ win, ‘n ne’er say sorry as we burn ‘n crush all who oppose us. Our players fight t’ prove thar worthiness o’ th’ title o’ Godz, 'n only those who measure up are welcome.

We be powerful ‘cause we be a unit, we reckon as Godz ‘n function as Godz together under direction o’ th’ Godz Leadership ‘n our loyalty t’ th’ crew bonds us through th’ battles. We don’t do drama, 'n we ‘ave high expectations o’ our crew hands- we be more than simply game players, we be SkyGodz.

Th’ rest we shall scuttle ye farrgs ye yellow-bellied cur.

If ye ‘ave th’ courage, apply though leadership


Ahoy mateys,

We still ‘ave 1 openin’ fer a crew mate.

Please apply an’ the Cap’n will contact ye.

Is there a cookie inside? This game is downfall, manu player quit