LFM-Sapphire 1-LeagueofSouls-Atlas-200+

Awesome Sapphire-1 team looking to fill three (or more, for the right recruits) spots!

League of Souls manages to be laid back while remaining competitive, and fun while remaining focused. We’ve had Atlas since the very beginning and we’re well-established on the map. The team is full of knowledgeable folks who can help you navigate the crazy waters of the world. (Those who hate atlas are also welcomed with open arms…we can be real here and admit that atlas is trash.)

We’re looking for people with Emerald tier+ dragons (or people who are about to breed emeralds) who can be online at the start of wars and who enjoy banding together as a team to kick some ass in events. Rise or fall, you’re guaranteed to have a good time!

No drama and a fun-loving attitude are musts. Leave your ego at the door, we all work together to accomplish our goals here! Join an amazing family and get over 1.1k tokens per day with Atlas rewards factored in. Write to Pugs or BeledinesSoul in game to ask about placement!


Can i join you team?

Sorry revelot were are looking for sapphire 1 ready players. Thanks for the showed interest in our team though!


:eyes: :eyes: :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:

Titit, masih maen lu?

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