LFM Sapphire 2 team Bowhunters

Language: English
Time Zone: Any, were a global team
Played time: Any
Age Range: Any
Elite Account?: Would be nice but not necessary
Dragon Roster Includes: Idc but if I see Ryuu or something in your top 3 I’m going to just delete the mail lol. Just be decently caught up on drags
Highest Lineage Dragon: Idc
Howdy all, we’re looking for recruits that want to join our family. We’re currently in Sapphire 2 atm and have a few slots available at the moment.

Team name is Bowhunters. We’re a pretty chill and friendly bunch, but we’re competitive too. All we’re looking for are applicants that are willing to comply with officers and coordinate w/ the team during events/wars. Standard sapphire team stuff.

We have members from all over the world, in different time zones, so we’re a pretty happy and tolerant bunch.

Standard stuff for war dragons teams: don’t miss a war. If you’ve got something coming up in the future, we’ll plop you in the alt team for a bit.

Try to participate in events or just participate in general. We’ll give you a talking to if we see somethings up. We know real life comes into play so just try to be understanding with us and we’ll be understanding with you.

PM me or one of the officers ingame if you’re down. Let us know something about you and your playstyle. Or literally anything. Don’t just hop in and say hey I wanna be part of this team or something o.o

If you’re afraid about levels don’t fret. Win me over by defending or participating. There are numerous ways to help out, which is why we’re not too strict on levels. But of course levels and drag strength do help.

Let me know if anythings unclear, but otherwise we’re looking forward to having you.


Would you take a level 91 with behind dragons until next breeding or a level 50 ready to breed golds.

All apps will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the officers. Ideally looking for self-sufficient people since we’ve had an issue with hand-holding in the past.

I’m always keeping an eye and I always forward apps to the rest of the officers to consider.

Additionally for those curious, there is also an option of joining our Platinum sister team, BowhunterZ, which has less stringent requirements. Just show up for events and hit wars and you’re set, regardless of your level/drags.


We have a slot opened up for any people that have interest. Probably someone in the 150-200~ ish range onwards would be fine. That’s just a random number I put down because I’m a little bugged with how many pre 100’s keep begging for slots. We can make exceptions on a case by case basis if you have strong dragons (eg. hau and good flying, or good defense, etc). You can be a smaller and get in if you have a good medal count and strong drags, maturity, etc.

Please don’t try and sell me on how you’ll grow and be active. Plenty of people have said that! Let us determine whether or not you’ll be an asset. We will review your application and see if you are a good fit.

Maturity, drag strength, activity, etc are all pluses in my book. Levels dont really matter I just care about your dragon strength and activity. You can be a 250 relying only on divines and are stuck in the sapphire wall, but I’d rather take the 150 with hau.

Well there’s me, a little level 56 :unamused:

What is this something?

Level 10 Draco

That goes my 2 favorite dragons (as assist)…

Draco and Ryuu? Lol

Mostly, when I join as assist to lower level, the base has already been cleaned up leaving the main island. In my roster, Draco has shortest healing time.
If some buildings left, I prefer using Ryuu to save the exp multiplier and potions.

During certain times, I put away all my strong dragons, leaving Ryuu as the strongest.

Uhhhh okay…

Slot filled but feel free to drop an application anytime in general. Say hi and your chances will probably go up. Who knows? Maybe a slot will open up in the future!

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