LFM - Sapphire 2 Team - Looking for Players with Atlas Level 15+ Trappers and Taunters

Our team is GuildNights. We are a very strong group of Sapphire 2 Players with Excellent Alliances and Solid Atlas Infrastructure. Combined Regular + Atlas we get 1350+ daily egg tokens.

We don’t care what level you are. There are weak level 350+ players and solid level 150-300 players. What we want is someone who is:

  1. Very Active. Emphasis on very.
  2. Plays Atlas daily, experienced in attacking, defending, etc.
  3. Builds lots of Atlas troops.
  4. Defends team mates.
  5. Checks in several times a day in case of war and does war run.
  6. Always tries to be top 1/2 of list in every event.

Our only requirement is that if you are Level 350+ you have a Level 15+ Taunter. If you are under 300 you must have a Level 15+ Trapper. Between 300-350 Level 15 Trapper or Taunter is fine.

If you spend a lot of time playing the game and love the game then we are looking for you. If you’re a casual player then please don’t apply. Message me here why you think you’d be a good fit and we can go from there.


Language: English
Time Zone: USA
Elite Account?: YES. Atlas Elite Highly Recommended.

bump for more applicants.

Thanks to those that messaged / applied.

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