LFM - Sapphire 3 - ANGELSnDEM0NS - 300+

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Experience: Just play smart and we’ll love you <3
Age Range: Be mature.
Dragon Roster Includes: Obsidian+ dragons, but we can make exceptions :wink:
Elite: NBD, play at your own pace :slight_smile: Great if you have it, though.

What we offer:

  • Knowledgeable, funny, coordinated teammates.
  • Tendency to play smart- we know how to defend!
  • And navigate the cruel world of Atlas! :flushed:
  • And how to coordinate PvPs! :astonished:
  • 728 tokens daily from Atlas, and 500 from the main game.
  • 16 castles, with castles of every element!
  • Taxless banks! Withdraw your deposits anytime. :wink:
  • 41.2% xp bonuses and 58.8% gold bonus from mines.

We’re a pretty casual team, but we do pull our socks up on occasion- we’ve been champions in our league for every single event for the past few seasons! We get the 1.2k sigil prize for all events apart from breeding (Which is hit or miss- fair enough.)


Interested? Our requirements aren’t high, but they’re more minimums than expectations.

  • Final team prize for all PvPs, and in Fort and Breed when possible. :laughing:
  • Donations amounting at least 1% of bank gold capacity every two weeks to our banks, since we don’t collect tax. Be active in Atlas, although our definition is- build troops with the excess gold from xp runs, please.
  • 60k troops in your barracks and revive pool combined!
  • Minimum breeding tier would be harbingers bred (not necessarily hatched), but we can make exceptions if you’re strong for your level. :wink:
  • No minimum base level; but we’d prefer bases with strong gear and tower levels corresponding to their respective breeding tiers.

We’ll always show as full in game, but right now, we’d like to replace some underperformers, so we can probably make space for you (and a few friends!) if you’re interested. Feel free to drop me a PM here, if you’re curious about us and would like to learn more :slight_smile:

Edit: Kinda realized I haven’t touched this thing for a loooooong time, so the title said emerald and the body said garnet. -_-


We’ve got a couple of spots opening up; do pm me here if interested.

(Champs for TR again! Have to appreciate the new supercharge bonus :laughing:)


We have spots that can be opened, if anyone’s interested :slight_smile:

Just drop me or @Tinsir a message, preferably on here!


Boop. Spots available! :laughing:

I’ll take the time to edit the recruitment post itself later, but we’re aiming to get the 1.2k sigil prize more regularly as a team. Applicants who hit the eighth team prize for pvp will hence be given priority. :blush:

Feel free to apply even if you can’t, though, everyone improves with time.

Edit: still have no requirements for minors, sorry -.-;;


Bonk. We can make space for one or two people at the moment!

We’ve started out the season strong and haven’t lost the champions title for all events 'til now. We don’t plan to lose it anytime soon, either!

Poke me if you’re curious about the team, whether you think you meet the requirements or not. Everyone has to start from somewhere. :wink:

Edit: Guess what, TR avatar in nearly 24h of event opening :wink: Though, it hurts my eyes :disappointed:

In all seriousness, though, feel free to pm @Tinsir as well, because he’s nicer than I am.


Feast your eyes peeps! Still have space for 1 or 2.

That’s 23 temples burned to the ground! 3.5M points more than our nearest competitor.


I’d like to join if you think it’s possible. Very active. Even though slightly below your minimums thx

Yet only a couple hundred more eggs, sigils and two timers over my retirement home.

Three players did whole shabang.

Still haven’t shaken the addiction to compete…


Wait until IvoryViper gets declared on. Jonesy used to squish the person who declared. :rofl:


Hitting bases similar in power to msmersy doesn’t have the same competitiveness i feel xD



Hey now, I hit 340 and up bases only. Though I will admit the supercharge bonus was nice…


Seriously? They worked hard for it, give them some credit. :roll_eyes:


Don’t forget the #SenseOfPrideAndAccomplishment

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We got the final team achievement this last fight pits, too! (And scored more points than the next two teams put together, probably because everyone did their part.) Am very proud of my people; and you can be too if you join us :wink:

Reach the final team prize in every major, and more often than not in fort? Let’s talk. :smiley:


When are y’all moving up to sapphire?


As soon as the Death Star is fully operational. S00n!


Once everyone learns how to Hau the biggest bases :thinking:

Jk. 1.2k sigils for every event apart from breeding is our primary goal, and then we’ll step it up a notch in sapphire, which we’ll begin warring to next week.

Do it for breeding too! Teach your minions the ways of the mission oh holy grinder


Growing our population of mecholytes are we?


Such power is not meant to lie in the hands of mortal men- if I bring us down this path, soon we’ll all be backbreeding Avalanche with bokens farmed from the backs of our Capulosii for lack of anything else to breed!