LFM - Sapphire 3 - DracoGenus - 200+

Language: English
Age Range: 18+, but really please just be mature
Elite Account?: Preferred; it would be great if you have it but it is your decision.
Dragon Roster Includes: Preferably emerald+ but know how to fly your dragons. :wink:
Level Range: Prefer 200+ but activity level is much more important.

We are DracoGenus, an active and competitive Atlas team with very helpful, friendly, and fun team members.

We are offering:

  • many knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly members
  • organized wars with waves
  • over 1200 daily egg tokens
  • over a dozen castles (including several level 3’s) with multiple of every shard element
  • +41.2% XP and +58.8% gold bonuses to Atlas beasts and mines
  • very active in Atlas with an excellent immediate and greater alliance
  • eighth/last team prize tier (1200 sigils) for fortification events
  • eighth team quest chest (200 sigils, +)
  • generous with resource help

We expect you to be active and communicate with your team members and officers. Additionally, at a minimum:

  • participate in all wars with 5 flames, attack in wave, etc.
  • follow direction from team leadership
  • be active in Atlas and Atlas events, train troops, contribute any spare resources
  • eighth/last team prize tier (1200 sigils) in fortification
  • thirteenth personal prize tier for other events
  • contribute points to team quests every event

We are looking for active, friendly, helpful and fun members to replace some alts, under performers and members on sabbatical. Currently we don’t hit the last team prize tier in PvP events but we are working on it, a definitely plus if you can help with that. Activity is more important than your level so come grow with us! Atlas experience is also a plus but we will teach you too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please send me (RiverSongPhD) or Mindevski a message in game or message me here if you are interested or have any questions.

Happy flying!! :kissing_heart:

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