LFM - Sapphire 3 - FallenOnes - 100+

Hiya we are looking to replace some alts on the team, so if you are interested do check us out. Most of us have been together for about a year + and we’re helpful bunch.

Team requirements are active or better status, war & event participation are mandatory and minimum weekly medal of 200k.

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I’m Level 163, but your team have access to Atlas?

No we don’t have access to Atlas yet.

Oh i see, Sapphire 3 not yet access to atlas… just already to Sapphire 2?

Only the saph 2 at the time of the rollout. Doubtless the teams that were in saph 2 have moved up or down so it’s possible for saph 3 teams (like dragongasm) to have atlas.

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