LFM – Sapphire 3 – SnarlingPuPs – 430+

LFM - Sapphire 3 – SnarlingPuPs – 430+——————————————————————————————————

Language: English
Time Zone: International
Age Range: 18 & some really old oldies :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Elite Account(s): Not essential but recommend Atlas Elite
Lowest Lineage Required: Eldrich


We are a fun international pack with experienced leadership. We all have real lives but we play hard when we need to.

  • 8/8 in events
  • 5/5 for quests
  • Sniping tool scripts available
  • Atlas event focused
  • Castles with all shards: ice, earth, dark, wind & fire
  • 1500 egg tokens daily
  • We do regular guard swaps to train prims
  • Some gold made available for prim training

SnarlingPUPs are always on the look out for active, chatty and reliable members to join our team. We are looking for:

  • Level 430 and higher
  • 150K troop minimum
  • 100K Point minimum in Atlas
  • 5/5 Team Quest
  • 8/8 Event points
  • Atlas activity is vital, we want a killer!

If you meet these requirements and want to meet our family, come and join our pack!


Definitely have 2 spots to fill

:shield: We want 450+ glory hungry, PvP battle hardened warriors to join our pack :crossed_swords:

Get in touch in game: CINZx

Looking to fill a spot pm me if interested SnarlingPuPs - CINZx in game

As real life continues we have a team member not able to continue on their WD journey, Let me know if you want to take their spot :grin:

Urgently need to fill a spot after this event :sweat_smile: interested PM me.

We are looking for 2 battle hardened atlas warriors, send me PM in game SnarlingPuPS CINZx

Looking for 2 keen players able to fulfil the minimums consistently send a PM in game SnarlingPuPs CINZx