LFM -Sapphire 3 - TheEternalOnes- 200+

The Eternal Ones are looking for new members to start off the next season! We are an atlas team with 2 castles and working on getting our third. We are surrently in Saph3 also working to go back to saph 2 +.

We are looking for 7-8 new player to join our ranks! We would prefer 200+ but will consider others if you’re up for the challenge.

You can message me here or in game! I’m pretty easy to find. TheCurator820 IGN

I am a very active player and I am always looking forward to move higher level, please consider to take me thank you

What is your level and dragon tier?

Level 25 for equestor n platinum

I wish I could, but I’m too low leveled, but I’m still very active.

Looking for Team for my Main Device (Applying)
LVL – 187 `

Language: english
Time Zone: California
Played time: almost 3 years
Elite Account Rubys for Elite. Yearly membership renewals
Dragon Roster Includes: LEOS capped with Obsidian stone, Borgian, Hunters !!
Highest Lineage Dragon: 2 Dragons from Hauset. 3 Dragons from Garnet ( I believe)

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