LFM – Sapphire – ANGELSnDEM0NS – 360+

Language: English
Time Zone: Worldwide; but definitely a bit more heavy on the American side.
Played time: Long enough to learn to play smart.
Age Range: Old enough to behave with maturity when needed. When not needed, though… :thinking:
Elite Account?: Preferred; Atlas Elite optional, but we expect you to keep up with the rest of the team with or without it.
Dragon Roster Includes: Usable dragons.
Lowest Tier: Vanguard dragons, or you’ll suffer in Atlas.

Tired of carrying your team? Exhausted by the duties of leadership? Discouraged by less driven teammates? Done with putting in more effort than the other people on your team seem to want to put in? Want to rampage across Atlas like you’ve never before?

More importantly, who’s this noob who’s been asking dumb rhetorical questions?

Nice to meet you. I’m Kate from ANGELSnDEM0Ns, a team that I’d like to put forward as a possibly welcome change in scenery.

Right, yeah, but…that explains nothing. Well, I’m getting to that.

We’ve been in S3 for a season or two now, pretty well-settled in our league. Not champs every event, but we crush the competition enough that we’d consider the outlying events rare exceptions. We’re not looking to move up until PG makes it worth it to compete in higher leagues.

So…if we’re not looking to move up, what do we offer?

  • A tendency to play smart both in Atlas, and in maingame. There’s a good reason why we manage to clinch decisive victories over our opponents in both biomes.
  • An extremely-atlas driven environment. At time of writing, we’re ranked #17 globally in terms of lifetime troops killed, and were #5 this last February in terms of monthly troops killed. Our team ranks among diamond and top sapphire teams by troops killed- by offering a raidlist and many opportunities to go forth and slay with our strong Atlas 5ta and larger alliance. :speak_no_evil:
  • The final team sigil prize and final team quest prize every event, which makes for 1.6k free sigils weekly. Coming in first in main game events is also pretty much a given at this point in time.
  • Castles in every element. Specifically, we have T3s of every element. Want to hop around the map between 19 castles? Sure. :wink: (Update: We have a T4 that I forgot to mention :rofl:)
  • 2016 tokens daily. 70.4% gold bonus and 49.3% xp bonuses.
  • Taxless banks- feel free to withdraw your deposits anytime out of event, too. :slight_smile:
  • Most importantly, a bunch of chatty, driven teammates exceptional both in Atlas and in maingame. They’re a pretty well-educated bunch regarding game mechanics, too, so if you play smart, would like to play smarter, or both- you’d fit in perfectly. :yum: (Most of us don’t touch the forums much anymore, though, so please don’t give us pop quizzes on whatever new post pops up :rofl:)
  • Frequent guard swaps if you’d like to level a troublesome silver taunter, or just any primarchs you’d like to upgrade.

What’s expected of a teammate?

  • Final team prize tier should be regularly achieved in every event excepting breeding.
  • All quests should be done every day.
  • A strong, defensible base with strong gear, and equal tier strong lineage and divine dragons.
  • A willingness to listen to suggestions and to adapt based on them.
  • A friendly demeanour and respect for fellow teammates and their opinions.
  • Very importantly, being engaged and highly active in Atlas. We’re looking for players who want to be free of the restrictive structure of many other atlas teams, and just slaughter more troops with us. A typical AnD member slaughters over a million troops a month. Want to max your season with us and our tools? Join us. :smiling_imp:

If this sounds like a team you’d be interested in hearing more about, please PM me on the forums so we can have a chat.



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It certainly appears to be dead on the inside.

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Everyone’s a critic!! Cute crab anyone?



Ok that is cool!

When you’re not even recruiting but you actually make a better case than the recruitment officer.

Gonna quit just so I can gush at @Tinsir and appeal beseechingly to him for a spot tbh.

Also makes a very strong case for gear. Get it or get out! >:D


Haven’t decided yet what we’ll draw this week!



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Regrets, I’ve had a few :notes:

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Let’s say this time it was a dolphin :dolphin:



The Atlas season is almost over. Are you most glorious yet? Why not?!