LFM - Sapphire - DemonDragon - New opportunities - lvl Negotiable

Language: English (as a second language is ok)
Time Zone: North American preferred but open to all
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account: Required
Dragon Roster: one of 3 Ns: Necryx, Neptus, Noctua. Hamburger dragons desirable… Destar wins!
Highest Lineage Dragon: Obsidian, or starting obsidian next breeding preferred
Atlas: Strong Atlas participation required

DemonDragons is back to fighting fit in S2 but due to end of year exams and RL issues a couple of players need out. This is your chance to join a strong and well connected team.

We offer:

  • a good spread across timezones
  • a one-for-all, and all-for-one policy (we don’t penny pinch or nit-pick but we do keep an eye on fairness/ team contribution/ taxes) If it’s good for the team, it’s good enough for us.
  • good atlas lands
  • strong alliance
  • active participation in alliance wars and defences
  • a drama-free, no-stress, environment suitable for retiring Diamond players.

Contact Three or Scorchryder in game for more info.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Hamburger? Got a problem with hot dog dragons? Also you should include your team name to let people check you out

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Hamburger dragons are awesome. It came out as an autocorrupt* once and the name just stuck. Perhaps we should suggest to PG a flying hotdog dragon? :wink:
Team name is DemonDragons - it’s in the title of the post.


*note there is no such thing as autocorrect, only autocorrupt!

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First we need a hamburger :joy: and that totally went over my head, I don’t usually read long post names… but I like to lurk

Thanks for feedback, have shortened the title :stuck_out_tongue:

I want a hamburger dragon now…

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Join us for Hamburger dragons :joy:

I haven’t Hamburger and Obsidian

Do you have any of the three N’s? Noctua, Neptus or Necryx?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY(how do I know? The cake next to your name):confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::tada::tada::tada::tada::birthday::birthday::birthday:

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Thanks so much, griffen🍻

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We’ve just reopened this. My how life changes in three weeks. New spaces available :smile:

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