LFM Sapphire II/III Skygodz looking for active players who want to destroy stuff

Language: English, Goofball, Pirate, and Sarcasm
Time Zone: Any
Played time: 1yr+
Age Range: Mature adult
Elite Account?: Yes but not required
Dragon Roster Includes: Any Harbinger and higher
Highest Lineage Dragon: Harbinger and higher
Atlas: Yes but we can teach if you have no experience
Line Chat: Required

We are looking for a very active teammate who wants to crush events and atlas. We have a player who retired and we would love to open this opportunity to join an awesome team. Most of us have several years worth of experience including a few of us since before PG.

No drama
Team work oriented
Regular game and atlas activity required

If you are interested please apply, a representative will reach out. Don’t miss this opportunity!!

We still have openings. Some players have moved on and anyone who wants to get some good prizes in PvP and atlas please apply!


Tired of being the meat shield for other teams? Are you looking to actually go on the offensive instead of being beaten down repeatedly by other teams and never seem to have any troops?

Apply now and we can show you how to go on the offensive!

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