LFM Sapphire III -TheKillerElite- 200+


LFM – Sapphire III – TheKillerElite – 200+


Language: English (but we have people from all over)
Time Zone: Would prefer if you’re able to be on for war start
Played time: No Preference
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: If you’re in sapphire my guess is you have it, but we don’t require any elite subscriptions
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon: Garnet+

We are a very strong atlas team regularly scoring highly in atlas events and taking new territory. We have 14 castles right now and are growing. Our 5TA is a very strong alliance and our players know atlas well. We do very well in events and have resources to help our players be the most efficient they can in gaining the most amount of points and progressing.

We are currently recruiting to replace a couple of alts and strengthen the team as we push into higher tiers.

Requirement :
Must have line Account for communication
Lvl: 200+ or meets our base and dragon requirements
Status: Active or very active
Personality: Listens to advice, Not think too highly of oneself, Appreciative and friendly lastly willing to help. We have very good base builders and people who can help you with breeding and seasonal events so let if you join we want you to let us help.

If you hit the requirement please feel free to message me in game or my leader as we need to. If you want to PM here please do too, I will most likely get back to you faster in game though.


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