LFM – Sapphire – YinYanWarriors – 400+

Language: English
Time Zone: Fairly good global spread, probably slightly skewed towards North America
Played time: Long enough to know better
Age Range: We don’t discriminate based on age, as some of our really old and decrepit teammates will attest to
Elite Account?: Main game, for sure, Atlas, preferable, simply because Atlas is a slog without it.
Dragon Roster Includes: Alpacas
Highest Lineage Dragon: Vanguard

We’re an offensive (in both senses of the word) Atlas team, looking for some keen beans to join our ranks as some of our classic models may be looking for a break from the game shortly.

We’re a teaching hospital, so you can be assured of hand holding, in the purely metaphorical sense, if you require it although, hopefully, you’ll have nous enough to just crack on with winning at life.

What we offer

  • We have 16 castles, across every element, offering a decent haul of daily tokens.
  • We hit the final team sigil prize every event as well as the final team quest prize
  • Free flowing gold during prim event, and bottomless lumber/food.
  • Frequent Guard Swaps to help boost your season glory totals
  • Alpacas

What we expect

  • Everyone is expected to hit the 8/8 prize every week and 5/5 quests as a minimum.
  • No zeros in Atlas events, we don’t have minimums, but expectation is that you’re always building troops, always crafting gear, always getting glory so zero’s should be impossible.
  • We expect you to be Atlas active.
  • You must have Line - we communicate a lot in game but Line app is where we do most of our chattin’ and plannin’
  • You must love Alpacas.

If this is you, drop me a note here or in game



Hi MasterofJuno,

first if all, I love Alpacas. Unfortunately I don’t have an Alpaca in War Dragons :cry: but I have one, named Dottie in World of Warcraft.

Are you guys still looking for players?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

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