LFM-SavageInc-chilled laid back team looking for members to join our house

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Looking for More (Recruiting)
LFM – Gold 3SavageIncany but need high level members to help dominate the ranks
Time Zone:Any we like to be all round.
Played time:any
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?:not preferable.
Dragon Roster Includes:anything but Ryuu :triumph:
Highest Lineage Dragon:Upto Danzig would be good, gold dragons would be better.

About: Welcome to SavageInc
Here at SavageInc we like to keep things calm and relaxed, have a good time and I’ve course… kick major bum (mind my rude mouth).

We are looking for members who will keep this team a all round team, having members all around the world to help defend while others are asleep in say: fight pits event ect.and so on and so forth.

Anyways I’m saying come down to SavageInc
And make our ever growing team ever more powerful while still being relaxed (and also kicking more bum(mind my mouth again)).

Message me for more details in game at:
AridGamer :blush:

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