LFM-SavageLords- Bronze 1 going to Gold 5

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Time Zone:EST
Played time:Debatable but active
Age Range: 28
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes:Leo’s and mainly orange tier dragon
Highest Lineage Dragon: amarok

About: SavageLords is looking for shapeable minds and willing teachers. Our team is growing fast and in one week have managed Bronze I to Gold V! We are in desperate need of members tho. With an outstanding 46 members some accounts are looking more and more not-so-active… atm we have a level 48 as our highest level which is far from impressive but that’s why I write to you today in hopes of finding people dedicated enough to try and make a stronger team. We need newcomers to teach our ways to and teachers to learn from. All are welcome! As I mentioned before we have a highest level of 48 but in 1 week we will have some plat and sapphire members heading down to help our experience! So please don’t hesitate to apply or message me (xSavageSagex) in game and let’s get the ball rolling!

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