LFM-Silver-(TheJiveTurkeys)-Level 10

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: Just be active
Age Range: Adult
Elite Account?: Not required
Dragon Roster Includes: Not required
Highest Lineage Dragon: Not required

About: We are a small Guild right now just looking to grow in members and go up in leauge. A few of our team play other games together as well so we are pretty close group of people. Not looking to be a hard core team but wanting to rank in events and win wars.

We also have officer spots open for other leaders in event of a guild merge.

What’s your highest level?

58 is our highest and the lowest is in the 40s.

My advice is to have no restrictions (auto accept, level 1) on joining your team and recruit in LC. Not many low levels in forums and no higher level is going to drop to silver. Good luck!

Oh yes I can understand that, am seeking in my league chat also but figured I get a call out here too. Sometimes all people look for in a guild is that it’s members live outside the game also in some way or form. My other officers and I are trying to get leader to lower the entry cap to 1 but he for whatever reason doesn’t want to which is making my job of reucitment harder

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