Lfm slayandfray p3

Language: English (mostly)
Time Zone: Worldwide
Played time: Lots of it would be nice :grin:
Age Range: 12 to 116
Elite Account?: who? Me?
Dragon Roster Includes: Dragons are good :+1:t2:
Highest Lineage Dragon: Chunk! :chunk:

About: Lots of castles! So many! All elements! 880 tokens from the castles! 300 from the platinum! 1180 total. Daily. That’s a lot of tokens; who doesn’t love tokens?

Adorable men! Strong, smart yet flirty women!

All the usual requirements. I mean, if you can’t show up for wars and events, why are you even here? Seldom reaching the 8th team prize, but maybe you can change that! Usually reaching the level 9 chest, but maybe you can make the difference in that too! You could be the gal or guy who makes the difference. You could be…THE HERO

Contact LIPOx1915 in game. He’s adorable. He’ll flirt outrageously with you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ve heard some teams around here have…

moist towelettes

We are not so equipped. At best, we may proffer a Clorox Wipe (slightly used).

Pls edit age range to level range. Cause I don’t think that it’s in the norms to get 12 yr old players as well as 116 yr old players.

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Well, you say that NOW. But just wait till you’re 116 and you’re wondering who’s gonna take me? Once you get to 117 your flying skills go straight to hell though. Don’t even bother, 117 year old!

Umm my alt is 136. So I think I’m doing a great job on that for my level hitting 200s :man_shrugging:t5:

…i really dont think he’s getting the joke.


Honey, it’s an age requirement. Like, little kids and ollllld people. We don’t care how old you are. If your fingers still work, you can play with us!

That came out a little creepy uncle, but you see what I mean?

:girl: or :older_woman:t2: We don’t care.

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Apply my beloved dragon lords! Mail LIPOx1915 if your level is too low to apply! All welcome!

Somebody say something! You know I love you guys!


New contact! AussieStugs (the boss) or MrStugs. Or just apply!

sowee. only birdies i like are chickens…

…only when they’re fried.

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You’re a cruel dragon lord sniffle
:heart: :hatching_chick::heart:

How about this little birdie? :upside_down_face:

Never underestimate amazing granny and grandpa :smirk:



I resemble that remark :wink:

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