LFM – SnarlingPuPs S2

We looking to recruit 1 player before event, anybody up for the challenge?

Come have a drink with us and enjoy WD for a while

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You know what to do if you’re looking for a team… send me a PM :wink:


Always recruiting, looking for atlas active flyers, pm in game if interested CINZx

:taco::taco::taco::taco::taco: tacos on the menu :yum: come grab a bite with us!

Have 2 spots we need fill come give us a spin we are in our way up :balloon:

We are looking to replace players not as active as we need :facepunch: we want people who want to play in atlas and enjoy sniping and defending our castles - send me a PM in game

Always on the look out for active Atlas players, come fly with us :dragon:

:unicorn: new season… new blood come and fly with us we will show you the unicorns

Team has changed focus and we have dropped our atlas requirements as our core team want to play casually. If this is something you want to do, come and put your feet up and enjoy playing WD at your pace. Contact LadySaphira74 in game if you are interested.

Want to enjoy playing without Atlas being the only focus? Then we are the team for you we still do our 8/8 and 5/5 and we have castles with all the shards but we don’t expect everybody to be in game 24/7. Just defend what we have and keep growing yourself as a player