LFM - TaiIwind gold 3 quickly rising to platinum. Experienced leadership


We are a brand-new team on our way to platinum and atlas!
We have experienced leadership and officers from sapphire and platinum league.

What we can offer you:
We are a great team with lots of great people and lots of fun​:grin::fire:!
We have knowledgeable members regarding breeding paths, base layout and all kind of tricks! We are a family and want to grow together as a team!
Once we get atlas, a sponsor is already on the horizon and we have experienced members who played a long time in atlas.

This team was made to bring the fun back into our game and make our dream team where we have fun, but also are successful!
Thusly, our members do need to contribute. TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK​:facepunch:t2::boom:!!

What we need from our members:

  • be communicative and helpful
  • daily activity is mandatory
  • 5 flamesπŸ”₯ in wars are mandatory
  • War waves are MANDATORY: each player needs to join at least one wave! (We use war availability in game tool & line app). This will apply at latest in plat league. We offer a lot of waves! Do not be scared if you do not know how to yet, it is doable amd we are here to help.
  • Event participation is mandatory.
  • We use line app to communicate, share tips and tricks and have fun (line app is mandatory)!

We are looking for team players, people who want to chat, grow and burn bases together! Active folks looking for fun​:grin::fire:!
What we value here most of all is great communication and reliability!

Let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions! I hope to have fun flying dragons with you!

Happy flying,


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