LFM - Team with ATLAS - PeaceNLove - Level 150+ -Sapphire+

Language: English
Time Zone: Any
Played time: 1-2 yrs minimum
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: required
Dragon Roster Includ es: Sapphire +
Highest Lineage Dragon: higher the better / must have at least Sapphire tier dragons

About: PeaceNLove (PNL) is an older team that lost its way a while ago. The majority of players on team now have been there less than a week and we are now rebuilding a team to bring this once powerhouse back to its prominence!!
We Have ATLAS and currently learning as fast as we can!! Come be part of this epic rebuild , learn Atlas and become a valuable member of this team.
Apply to team PeaceNLove for review. Must be level 150+ with minimum of Sapphire Tier Dargons.
You can message D3vast8r in game as well.

By the way… We use Line App for communication outside of game.
We are heading back to Sapphire League as soon as possible but we will take our time to learn Atlas better and grow more internally.
We are looking for Players who are very active and can take direction and be committed to the time it takes in Atlas. We preferably are looking for very experienced flyers with at least Sapphire level dragons but Garnet and higher is given higher priority. We have more than a few positions open.
Please apply PeaceNLove

I’m with a team that split from Sith. We’re currently looking for a possible merger. Lvls Gary from 160’s to 50’s for the most part. Contact me directly in game if this seems agreeable.

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