LFM - TheAnkou - S1

Hello fellow Dragonlords and -ladies

We are the Ankou, a very active team in S1 looking for some atlas-addicts to add to our group.

What we offer:

  • Over 2400 egg tokens a day
  • 8/8 team prize and last quest chest every event
  • Many experienced members, base building gurus, atlas experts and GPF members
  • 22 castles
  • High atlas activity, regularly placed in top 10 monthly troops killed

What we expect:

  • Lvl 450+ (400+ if very active and with a good base)
  • 8/8 team prize and 5/5 quests
  • High atlas activity and willingness to get most of your glory from raiding and sniping :wink:

We value ambitious players that want to grow with the team :slightly_smiling_face:.
If The Ankou sounds like a good fit for you, just send me a message in game.

Hope to fly with you soon

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We are still looking for some atlas-addicts to join our family at TheAnkou. Same requirements as posted above. Message me here or in game.



Spots available for atlas-hungry players after this PvP! Have a look at us and drop a message here or in game if interested


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The Ankou is looking for some new players again. First post has been edited accordingly :wink:.

Send me a message if you are interested or want to know more.

Hope to fly with you soon

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Hey :wave:

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It’s already been moved :grin:

Ankou is a good team with a strong 5ta of some Diamond Teams. You definitly should apply if you like to Raid in Atlas :partying_face:

Bump! We are looking for some players again after this PvP. Looking preferably for Atlas hungry players. Ranked 10th globally in monthly troops killed as I write this, let’s keep it rolling :wink:
If you think you are a good fit, send me or any of the officers a message in game


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